Smart Stop Brake Light System
 Smart Technologies Business and Mission Statement Smart Technologies is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) who’s in the business of creating/advancing intellectual properties and cancer research technology. It is our mission to develop, test, and implement our newly developed patented cancer technology to the masses. We want to use this new technology to help end cancer, save lives, make a difference, and help add value to the world. - Tony Kisiel, Founder and CEO
Dan Mulvihill Smart Technologies LLC

Dan Mulvihill

Communications Director

Dan is Smart Technologies leading communications director and business professional. He has the life experience, business knowledge, and people connections that help facilitate a deal. He is hard working, confident, prompt, open, and realistic. He is full of ideas and knowledge that can help make your company a success.  Book a meeting today with Dan and see how he can help you accomplish your goals.

Dan Mulvihill Smart Technologies LLC